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How much do you make? Drivers can make up to $88,000 in their first year with the bonuses that are available. Our average driver makes $1,625 gross per week and out top drivers make over $100,000 per year.
What benefits do you have? We have a full range of benefits including health plans from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Dakota, pharmacy benefits, Vision, Dental, Health Reimbursment Arragement (HRA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), plus more. Here is more information about our benefits –
What is the home time? We require our drivers to be out for a minimum of 3 weeks and you earn 1 day off for every week that you are out. The reason is because of the long loads that we have, many over 2,000 miles. We primarily look for loads that go cross country and that makes it nearly impossible to get drivers home more often than that.
What type of equipment and how fast do they go? Our fleet has 2020 to 2023 automatic Freightliner Cascadias and we are phasing out the 2020s. They are governed at 68 mph and have the PasSmart system that allows for 70 mph for 30 minutes a day to pass slower vehicles. We also have Great Dane trailers with Carrier reefer units that are no more than 3 years old.
Where do you go? All of the lower 48 states.
What is your hiring area? We hire in most of the 48 states and you can find our hiring map here or on our homepage here. Please call recruiting for details.
Do you allow pets and riders? Yes, we prefer only 1 pet and 1 passenger over 16 years of age. Eligible from day 1 of employment.
How do you get to orientation? We try to use rental car in most cases, and flights as a secondary option. A bus or train can be used if neither of those options work. If you don't come by rental car, the 1st load after orientation will be routed through your home to get the rest of your things and your significant other or pet.
When does orientation start and how long is it? It can start either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and it is 2 full days.
How much experience do you require? 24 months or 18 months with a clean record and verifiable over the road experience (48 states).
What do you haul? Most of our freight is temperature controlled but there are some dry loads too. No produce. Everything is full truckload.
How many miles can I get? You can get as many as you can legally drive. We normally dispatch you on your next load the day before the scheduled pickup. We want to keep you moving. Our drivers normally get 3,000+ miles every week.
Do you pay Household Mover's Guide (HHG) miles? Our routes and pay are calculated using Practical Miles
Any driver facing cameras? No, there is a camera mounted on the windshield facing forward only.
Is there a 401k available? Yes we do, we also match 75% of 6% of your contribution.
Can drivers take the truck home? Yes, but we ask that you either park it at home or another safe area.
Do the trucks really have free satellite TV and satellite radio? Yes, every truck is equipped with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, EpicVue Satellite dish and receiver along with a 24-inch flat panel TV mounted in the bunk. Every truck is also equipped with Opti-idle, fridge/freezer and 1,500-watt power inverters.
Do you pay salary to drivers? We pay our drivers by the mile, but we have an optional guaranteed $1,500 per week for your first 12 weeks to get started. One condition is you must be available for dispatch the entire week to earn the entire amount. If you are unavailable to work or are on home time, there will be a deduction of $215 per day that you do not work. Be sure to ask recruiting for details.
Are your drivers W2 or 1099? Our drivers are W2.
Do you have Per Diem? Yes, you have the option of choosing to be paid with per diem.
Does my recruiter get a bonus for hiring me? No, our recruiters do not work against each other, we are a team that works together to get the best drivers for the company.
Do you take drivers that have gone through the SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) program? Unfortunately we do not accept drivers that have gone through the SAP program at this time.
My question wasn't answered, now what? Call us at 701-373-8416 or email us at and we can answer them.
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