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After almost a year with Holland I’m still here. Why you ask well I’ll tell you. It’s an awesome company to work for. Are they perfect? No but they try so hard to get to that goal but who is perfect? I’m not perfect Holland isn’t perfect but I’m still here because they are family to me. Great mile good pay and benefits. The shop and staff are awesome so this is why I’m staying put. Oh and the Chili is so good on a North Dakota winters day. - Brian S

Best company I've ever worked for. From the shop, to the owner. They listen to the drivers. Office staff, does their best to accommodate when you need to be home. But it's trucking, things happen. They fully understand, that while we're working away from home. We enjoy, our time home with our loved ones. Miles? All you have to do, is show that you're willing to work. Pay? I'm getting paid more now, than I ever have in my career. Benefits? Haven't had a complaint with them yet. Insurance, covers what I need it to cover. Don't always go by a review on the internet. If you see us, out and about. Ask one us, about the company we call home. - Krescenta M.

Equipment is awesome. Trucks are new, they have satellite TVs, XM radio…..all the perks that come with the truck are awesome. Mileage is awesome. Family atmosphere - Jimmy M. - Driver since 2017 - 4 year Safe Driving Award

Love working for this company. They are very nice to drivers and honest with drivers. The customers like us because the relationship Holland has with them. I have been driving since 1996 the best company I've worked for hands down. Always get home on time They do not micromanage. Their dispatch system with regions is brilliant 99% of the time have a load set up before delivery of the present load. Their equipment is immaculate and works great. They wasn't even considering mandating vaccines to drivers either. The shop personnel takes their time with you. Handle repairs of any pretty fast. They have long hauls a lot. 900 Miles is a short trip. You drive 48 states. Dot don't hassle Holland. Have pre pass. Have road facing cameras but not on the driver. They have good bonuses. They reward hard work. Have satellite TV. They care about the drivers. They have set up to use cat scales on the app. The trailers have auto air fill on the tires so not losing tires. Tandems easy to slide. They ha e a system for everything that works smooth. They have a night dispatch for Immediate concerns. A lot of times they send an authorization code for pumper fee if after hours delivery ahead of time. They give good instructions for shipper and receiver. They give you all the miles you can stand. 11000 miles a month minimum. If you are solo and want the passenger seat out they do that for more room. I've been here three years next month. You don't sit waiting on loads ever. Truck wash once a month. Great place to work for over the road. - Kenny P.

Holland is the best company that takes great care of their drivers and also take great care of the drivers family too... I know they have helped us a few time in the last 9 years. And I don't even drive for them. So THANK YOU HOLLAND ENTERPRISES! - Melody G. - wife of 10 year driver

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