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Family Owned Longhaul Refrigerated Trucking



• Equipment is 3 years old or newer.

• EpicVue Satellite TV and SiriusXM Radio in all trucks.

• All trucks equipped with APU for your comfort.

• 11,000 Average monthly miles. Top drivers over 13,000 miles

• Refrigerator and Freezer

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We realize that experienced truck drivers are in high demand. We are constantly being asked what we offer that other carriers don't.

Professionalism - You have been working hard, you have put in the time and the miles on the road to know what to do in certain situations. You know that in the winter, there are places you need to watch and make sure the road is open. You know when you load at a certain time, you can get to a certain safe place to park to take your break. You know that sometimes things will go wrong, and you will have to determine the best course of action. You are a professional driver, you have been out there doing the work, and you should be treated like a professional.

Dedication - You have heard this one so many times that you don't believe it is a real thing. It is. We work very hard to find drivers that will be a good fit for us and for you. We don't want you to show up for a month and then off to the next job. We want you to stick around, let us get to know the real you, and stay with us until you decide to retire. We don't want to just be the next company you work for. We want to be the last company you work for.

Family-oriented - We are family owned, operated, and keep the family atmosphere for the drivers also. We know how valuable your time at home is to you and your family. When you schedule home time, we will not change the rules and make you stay out. We will do everything we can to get you home when you request. We also will call you by your first name and not treat you like a number when you need something. Treating our drivers with respect is important to everyone that works here.

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Just one of our reviews -

they have the best company for drivers by far they treat drivers white family they take care of them they're very curious and understanding of what drivers want and need - Ronnie A

Hiring Area

We are currently hiring in the areas highlighted in red on the map. Please note that we do not hire in the NYC area.

We only hire experienced, professional drivers that are prepared for the challenges of long-haul OTR trucking. We service all 48 states, and our drivers must be prepared to deal with the changing road conditions and severe weather that accompanies long distance trucking. Not every driver is ready for these challenges and are content picking up and delivering the same day, but if you feel like you are qualified to join our fleet, please fill out an application. If you are approved, we will be providing travel to our terminal outside of Fargo, ND where you will go through two days of orientation.

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